A Conversation About “Intentionality” with Warren Ritter


October 23, 2020

12 PT



Originally from Orangeburg, South Carolina, Warren came to California to work as a manger for a national bank in Santa Barbara. During his time in South Carolina, at a very young age, he realized a ton of inequalities that not only shape our way of life, but inequalities that we continue to accept as the norm. Although his parents sent him to a private high school in a town that is clearly racially segregated, he witnessed firsthand the true feelings of this “equalized” America. Furthering his education at a private college within South Carolina, he was further indoctrinated into the ways this “system” of ours truly works to separate us all. Through those early lessons he became passionate about education and supremely focused on the betterment of the community. Warren believes that community is not necessarily where you find yourself geographically, but rather how you define yourself mentally. His goal is to shift the way the culture views itself. To get people thinking in a positive manner and not approaching issues with a defeatist mindset.