Life sometimes conspires beautifully in your favor!  That’s our story.  We believe it was serendipitous how our paths continuously kept crossing; merging and intersecting creating an inevitable coming together.  The mutual love of our families, our work and our community only served to seal the deal.  The mission of Touchstone grew out of our desire, as professionals, to learn, grow and do better. Most importantly, our experience as mentors and support of other individuals and each other drives what we would like to encourage in others.  It’s our dream to create a movement that promotes inclusivity, community and encourages trust and open discussions and sincere collaborations amongst all people.

Diane Adam

I have been very lucky to have great women friends in my life.  They are always the ones I look to when I need help, advice, a shoulder to cry on or a good kick in the pants.  To be able to help each other in hard times and celebrate each other in good times are both honors that I cherish.  I like to have an open heart and a healthy attitude toward all the ladies in my life.

Just when I think I do not have space for one more thing there is always a friend, daughter, sister, mother or colleague to help me think things through.

Leading with Love means that I must endeavor to be a good colleague, friend, community member and human being.  In my past 20 years as a community volunteer and non-profit leader I have always tried to be honest with my word and open with my heart.

Leading with Love is also the best way to get what we need from other after all “you gotta give to receive!”

I try always to be an active listener.  It is important for me to be with the person talking in terms of time and attention. One of my three mottos for life is “you can learn something from everyone you meet”.  Learning happens better when I am not talking.

Emily Smith

The concept of Leading With Love came out of many conversations about relationship dynamics at work and in life.  A professional in industry, a community-volunteer and over 20 years of experience in education, I’ve been blessed to work along side a diverse group of teams and individuals. I recognized how much more can be accomplished when we care for and respect one another.  Being kind doesn’t make you a pushover or weak, it actually has the opposite effect.  When you demonstrate caring approaches to work and life, people respond positively and more productively. Showing genuine concern and compassion for the people you share life with doesn’t diminish your respectability or reputation as a strong leader, but instead brings out the best in others while fostering an environment that is supportive and trusting.  I believe that this is the best scenario for creating whole-hearted and fulfilling collaboration.

One of my favorite quotes is “Your life is a story, make it a bestseller”.  What I have learned is that we all have a personal story.  When we work from the heart we listen more, taking time to understand one another.  This results in more opportunities to learn and grow.  Sharing and listening removes barriers.  Leading with love may seem unconventional, but it is good for ANY organization or relationship.  There is no business or life without people.  When people thrive, so do your business and your relationships.

It is my greatest wish that all individuals make the choice to Lead With Love!

What We Believe