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Touchstone – A team committed to
organizational and personal development

Touchstone endeavors to assist individuals desiring to learn, grow and lead with a servant’s heart. Leadership through service is deliberate and thoughtful.  It’s about coaching and cultivating others on a day-to-day basis and helping people achieve. Touchstone works with leaders who would like to hone their skills or individuals recognizing a need for change but aren’t sure where to begin.   The training and development series was developed for all professionals and organizations pursuing professional and personal growth opportunities.

The women’s collective and conference were both created out of recognition of the unique relationships between women and how important it is to support one another. The women’s collective provides opportunities for women to meet on a monthly basis to learn from area experts on a variety of topics, for networking and resources to support on-going personal growth and development as well as nurturing and manifesting life and career goals.

  • Creative in approach
  • Respectful of individual and organizational needs
  • Committed to the task
  • Application of current practices
  • Thoughtful in our methodology
  • Investigative and collaborative
  • Conversational and trustworthy
  • Attitude of curiosity about the needs of our clients
  • Individual personal and professional development
  • Team oriented approach in all things
  • Challenging the status quo and Leading with Love
  • Change agents
  • Thought partners
  • Reliable and relatable
  •  Touchstone is about learning, doing better and being better